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  • Property ID: YAZL9-0001

  • Type: Old Apartment

  • Bedrooms: 2

  • Bathrooms: 2

  • Size: 150 m²

  • District: Jingan

  • Area: West Nanjing Road

  • Metro Line: 1 2 8 12 7

  • Agent: Daisy

Middle Yanan Road

And like the Yanan Road, Yanan road was originally a small creek, later extended westward in 1899 and 1914 Shanghai international settlement and the French concession in Shanghai, but also as a pidgin, become the two boundaries of the concession. In 1920, filling into the road, in the name of French general Foch named Foch Road (Avenue Foch).

School: China secondary school and Weihai Road Kindergarten, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University North Shaanxi Road campus, Shanghai charity education training school, the York University's Schulich School Senior Management Education Center, China secondary school west, Shanghai Rui a kindergarten, junior high school, Xiang Ming ILLY University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of medicine;
Traffic: North Shaanxi Road (37; 127; 311; 311; 330; Shanghai Qing Ying Ying line; Shanghai green line; Shanghai green line; Shanghai Zhu line; Shanghai Zhu line), one yuan (Luwan city Shaanxi Road No. 3, Shaanxi Road, Yanan Road) (24; 41; 104; 128; 301; 304), Yanan Road, North Shaanxi Road (01; 01; 48; 48; 71; 71; 127; 936; 936), Shanghai Kerry Center (Nanjing West Road 1515), Yanan Road, Tongren Road (48; 48; 49; 49; 71; 71; 127; 127; 311; Shanghai Zhu, subway line) Jingan Temple Station No. 3 port (Shanghai, Jingan District), Jingan Temple subway station No. 4 port (Shanghai, Jingan District), city terminal (Airport; airport; airport; Airport special), Anyi road Tongren Road (57; 57);
Shopping: Watsons brand Wujiang Road, Next City (Wu Jiangdian), four Fang F, Huang Pu Hui, Shanghai entrance children's food stores, food stores, children in Shanghai HOTWIND (Jingan branch), Matsushita (Westgate shop), Matsushita (Westgate shop), Matsushita (Meilong town);
Hospital: Yang Liwei dental clinic (private), Li Hongsheng private dental clinics, dental, smile and rehabilitation Sheng (Nanjing West Road branch), and rehabilitation Sheng (Nanjing West Road branch), and rehabilitation Sheng (Nanjing West Road branch), Kooka dental clinic (Changle Road branch), Bobby Steamed Buns (children's hospital, Shanghai branch), Shen Guozhu dental clinic children's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
Delicacy: Yoshinoya Wujiang Road, Yang Shengjian (Huang Pu Hui shop), Yang Shengjian (Huang Pu Hui shop), Yang Sheng Jian (Huang Pu Hui shop), Yang Shengjian (Huang Pu Hui shop), Yang Shengjian (Huang Pu Hui shop), Yang Sheng Jian (Huang Pu, Subway department store) Wujiang Road shop, shop, shop CHAMATE CHAMATE Nancy nancy;
Bank: Nanjing West Road branch of ICBC, the Bank of Spain, Spain Savoy Del Savoy Del bank, CITIC Bank, CITIC Bank, CITIC Square, CITIC Square, Shanghai bank, Shanghai branch of ATM bank Jingan branch, Shanghai branch, Bank of Shanghai HSBC mall, Chinese Yanzhong Branch Construction Bank (East Sea Plaza Branch);


  • Outdoor children's playground
  • Restaurant
  • Salon
  • Recreational centre
  • Market


    • Capacious sitting room
    • Garden
    • Good sunlight
    • Swimming pool
    • Terrace
    • Carpet
    • Marble floor
    • Other
    • Tiles
    • Oven
    • Water purifying plant
    • Bathtub
    • Shower


    Metro Line Metro Station Distance
    2 7 Jing'an Temple 0.8 km
    2 12 13 West Nanjing Road 0.8 km
    1 10 12 South Shaanxi Road 1.0 km

    Landmark Distance

    Landmark Distance(KM) Landmark Distance(KM)
    Lujiazui 4.6 Century Park 9.2
    Portman Hotel 0.6 Gubei Carrefour 6.7
    Xintiandi 2.0 Hengshan Road 2.6
    People's Squre 1.9 Xu Jia Hui 3.6
    Hongqiao Airport 11.0 Pudong Airport 34.0