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Shanghais biggest sports park coming to Xujiahui

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 13:53

Shanghai is really getting on the fitness train, with adding multiple new fitness centres in the city and stretching out the Pudong Riverbank to include a 4.6 km stretch for joggers and those doing exercise. In addition, it has now been announced that the citys largest public sports venue is to be built in Xujiahui. According to the city’s top planning body, the Xujiahui Sports Park will cover 406,000 square meters by Caoxi Road N., Lingling Road, Tianyaoqiao Road and Zhongshan No.2 Road S., and will have venues, running tracks and spacious green areas. The new park will be open 24/7.

The neighboring Shanghai Gymnasium will be expanded and along with continuing to host sports like table tennis, volleyball and badminton, it will also host new events, such as cyber games, boxing and kickboxing. “The sports park will host top sports events, meet the rising demands of local residents on sports and recreation, carry out training for amateur teenage athletes as well as guide the development of sports industries,” an official with the Shanghai Planning, Land and Resources Administration said.

The new fitness centres come after it was announced that Shanghai would add more sports facilities in the city with the aim of reaching the goal of every citizen each having an average 2.4 square meters of sports facilities by 2020.