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Shanghai's 5 Most Popular Dating APP's

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 10:52

1.  Momo

Momo helps you connect with random people around you and then start one-on-one conversations or group chats. Used mostly by Chinese nationals, people here are often looking for relationships of the hour-long variety.

2.  Qing Chi Fan

It's designed specifical for those looking for a dinner date. To get started, you have to input which restaurants you’re interested in and the cuisines you’re willing to try. The app then matches you to someone with the same tastes and culinary curiosities. cravings, they invite you to a proper, old-fashioned dinner date.

3.  Tinder

When it gain popularity, Tinder was mainly used by people interested on one night stands, however it has evolved to a more mature dating app where many people are using it to find the lucky one. Many fresh-of-the-plane expats and chinese nationals. With the plus version you get unlimited likes, 5 super likes a day, boost tool, and GPS function.

4.  TanTan

Tantan is well-known as the chinese version of tinder. The swiping function works the same as on tinder although no Plus version is available on this one. You got 200 likes per day.

5.  LiuLiu

A unique dating app for pet lovers. All you need to do is upload pics with your pet and wait for someone to match you.