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The Shanghai Tower

Friday, May 19, 2017 - 15:16

The Shanghai Tower, China’s highest skyscraper and the world’s second tallest building that has estimated cost $2.4 billion surpassed  by the Dubai’s BURJ KHALIFA”.
The height of the building (or 2,073 ft) which marks as the world’s highest Observation Deck with a total of (106)lifts, making a total of 149 elevators and level 127 as the top floor (1,927ft).

The shanghai tower from the bund view dwarfs its two nearest neighbors, the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Centre nicknamed as the bottle opener.


China loves a world record, and the Shanghai tower boasts plenty, including the world’s fastest elevators, highest hotel and restaurant, and tallest viewing platform. Reassuringly, it also required the largest ever cement pouring for the foundations. But most importantly, the 128-storey tower also claims to be the world’s greenest skyscraper. A number of green architecture elements were incorporated into the Shanghai Tower. A Gensler spokesman (the American architectural firm that designed the tower) described it as “the greenest super high-rise building on earth at this point in time.” A 120 degree twist as the tower rises was implemented into the design in order to reduce wind loads by 24%. Due to this, the amount of construction materials was 25% less than a conventionally built tower of the same height. Approximately $58 million was saved in material costs. The tower can withstand typhoon winds as well that normally occur in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Tower is now the world’s second highest hotel, It consists of 258rooms. Every single day about 16,000 people can be accommodated by Shanghai Tower.
Skyscrapers continue to get taller. In 20 years, how tall do you think the tallest building will be? Do you think that it’s safe to build taller and taller buildings?