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Shanghai Disneyland

Monday, July 10, 2017 - 14:31

Having just celebrated its one year anniversary, the Shanghai Disneyland Park is Walt Disney's biggest international resort and its first to be built in Mainland China. Located right in the center of the Pudong New Area, the park is more than triple the size of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort - occupying 963 acres (about 4 square kilometers) compared to Hong Kong’s 310 acres, the smallest of Disney’s parks.

The park is divided into six main areas: Mickey Avenue, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove, Fantasyland, Gardens of Imagination and Tomorrowland. However, the star of Shanghai Disneyland is definitely its 60 m tall Enchanted Storybook Castle, the biggest of its kind in Disney history, which towers over the park and features a ride, a walkthrough attraction and a restaurant.

What is interesting to note about the park is the ways in which Disney has adapted to the cultural differences in its large demographic and has included aspects of the park that are noticeably Chinese. While areas such as “Main Street U.S.A.” and certain lands within the park were foregone entirely, they were replaced with “Mickey Avenue” and new spaces exclusive to the Shanghai Park, such as the “Gardens of Imagination”, seven 11 acre Chinese style gardens with all 12 Chinese zodiac animals represented by Disney characters. Furthermore, Shanghai Disneyland will also be opening a bran new land within the park by next year, an area based on Disney’s popular Toy Story franchise. 

Shanghai Disneyland officially began construction in 2013 and was largely funded through a $5.5 billion investment by Shanghai’s Shendi Group, a state owned enterprise. Furthermore, the Shanghai Municipal government controls over 57% the resort while 43% goes to Disney. In its first year of operation, Shanghai Disneyland received 11 million visitors.