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Rental Agent of the Month: Lily Yang

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 14:18

Lily Yang has been working as a real estate agent at Joanna Real Estate in Shanghai since 2015, as one of the company’s most respected agents. Lily mainly deals with Shanghai’s long term rentals in the Former French Concession, Jing’an, and Huangpu residential areas. We asked her a few questions about what motivates her as a realtor as well as some of her challenges. Her open personality, her drive to accomplish goals, and her excellent service quality often ensures a positive feedback and customer satisfaction from her clients.


    Lily Yang

    Languages: Mandarin, English

    Real Estate Experience: 5 Years








What do you enjoy most about working for Joanna Real Estate?

I love the young, vibrant, and hard working ambience at JRE as well as its multiculturalism. It's been a great honor to have this job and since the moment I arrived I felt in love with the JRE Family. 

What do you think is the most important aspect when dealing with clients?

Listening and fully understanding the needs of each individual client is crucial. Each client is unique and been able to understand what they are looking for is the key to success. 

Which are some of the challenges you have faced as a realtor?

Dealing with each client is a challenge. Like I said previously, each client is unique and has completely different tastes, so as an agent you always need to adapt to every new request in the blink of   an eye in order to find their perfect home in Shanghai. For new comers it’s particularly difficult because they often arrive with different expectations but the reality is not the case. 

What kind of message will you give to future clients?

Just let them know that through me, a HIGH-QUALITY service is guarantee and I will not rest until I’ve found your dream home in Shanghai. In addition, I like bonding and getting to know my clients on a personal level and making new friends, so feel free to contact me at any time and I’ll be happy to show you all the magic Shanghai has to offer.  


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