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Rental Agent of the Month: Kris Cheng

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 18:37


Chinese and English

Real Estate Background: 

Kris has been working as a real estate agent at Joanna Real Estate in Shanghai for the past 2 years as one of the company’s most respected agents. She mainly deals with Shanghai’s long term rentals in the Former French Concession, Jing’an, and Huangpu residential areas. We ask her a few questions about what motivates her as a realtor as well as some of her challenges. Her open personality, her thrive to get things done, and her quality service often ensure a positive feedback from her clients.

How would you describe your JRE experience so far?

It’s been a great honor to have been working for JRE for almost two years. Which is the best platform for the real estate industry. Looking forward to work here for many years to come.


Helping people to find the right apartment and who has no idea about Shanghai or someone that couldn’t find the right home after long time searching. Calmly analyze the real needs and patiently show each suitable apartment.

What do you enjoy most about working for Joanna Real Estate?

Dealing with people from various cultures and backgrounds. But the most satisfying part is feeling the client’s appreciation and love once I find the ideal home for them in Shanghai.
What do you think is the most important aspect when dealing with clients?

Since Shanghai is such a big market, it can be difficult for foreigners to understand how it really works. Being informative & helping clients through the process is important, but also being available for advice and guidance. I always try to be my client’s friend. 

Which are some of the challenges you have faced as a realtor?

Competitive & fast paced market. That means we have to be real professional and enthusiastic to win.

What kind of message will you give to future clients?

China as it comes, it's an amazing, inspiring, sometimes confusing, but overall exciting place to be. Take all of it in, and I'll be your helping hand. I'm happy to answer any and all questions for my clients, not just real estate, to make their Shanghai experience as best as it can possibly be!