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JRE’s “Kris -Kringle” Activity

Friday, December 23, 2016 - 19:21

Christmas day is coming, and on this wonderful time of the year, people always make sure to prepare a present to give to someone special to them to simply just say thank you for the wonderful year they have shared.

JRE has it’s own way on how to make each of the staff feel special on this holiday season.


Kris kringle is one of the famous activities during the holiday season and JRE won’t let the holiday season pass without the staff experiencing the excitement and joy of this fun activity.
Kris kringle is a Christmas gift giving method by which you only purchase a gift to one person in a designated group instead of a gift for everyone.

JRE held a christmas event on December 23 as part of the holiday celebration where each of the staff enjoys the fun activities and enjoys the time giving gifts and recieving gifts as well.


The Company’s  Christmas celebration aims to unite the staff in making a better working environment and a better working relationship towards each other that would help achieve the company’s goal which is providing the best quality service to customers and be the number 1 company in the foreign leasing industry in the country.