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Joanna Real Estate awarded as Best Support Team & Top Sales 2016

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 10:18

In appreciation to our support to Green Villas, we had the pleasure to be invited to the 2016 Green Villas awards ceremony, an event hosting an annual competition aimed at recognizing and rewarding talented individuals and team efforts.

We are proud to announce that thanks to the professionalism of our agents and our remarkable resources, we have won the "Best Support Team" award. Green Villas is a leading management company combining the expertise of a truly global executive team with the hospitality and excellence for which Asia is renowned.

We are delighted to announce that our senior consultant, Jessie Gong, won the Green Villas "Top Sales" award, an honor rewarding her outstanding sales performance during 2016. This huge achievement rewards the hard work Jessie puts into making Joanna Real Estate the China’s #1 Real Estate Agency and role model in terms of customer relationship management.

Previous distinction winners benefited from a better exposure, having been able to promote their firm and properties to attract new business listings, investors, and buyers from a global audience.

At Joanna Real Estate, we have the give our appreciation the clients and the expat community that have trusted us to provide them the best accommodation service in Shanghai. We know that any success cannot be taken as granted, but it needs hard work and dedication to provide the customer service experience that fits the need of an expat. Thus, we continuously strive to improve our services and being rewarded motivates us, even more, to keep up with the same vision and high-quality standards that we love to set for the Real Estate market.


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