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How to set up AliPay?

Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 11:41

If you have not yet set up AliPay – prepare to have your life improved tremendously. With AliPay, you can transfer money to your landlord from the comfort of your couch, pay for cabs and utility bills, or buy a coffee with just your phone. Who needs to carry around wallets nowadays? The app is now available in English making it really easy to use for expats who do not speak Chinese, and only requires you to have a Chinese bank account. If you haven’t got yourself one of those yet, take a look at our instructions on that as well!

Step 1. Download the AliPay app and Sign Up

Signing up is done with your Chinese phone number – after filling it in you will receive a text message with a four digit code to confirm your number is correct. You will then need to set up a password and you will be logged in automatically.

Step 2. Register your bankcard

You can find the place where to add your bank card from clicking the "Me" on the bottom right corner, then tap "My Account". If you haven't added a card before, it'll say "Add Card" next to the "My Cards" box - click it to add your card. If you don't have any cards linked to the account yet, the page after this will be empty. Tap the plus sign to add a card.
Next, enter your Chinese bank card number. Click next, and the app will show the name of your bank beside "Card Type". Fill in your name and other information as required.

Step 3. Confirm the info registered with your bankcard

Fill in your phone number, name, and the identification document number you used to register at your bank. Make sure you select the correct type of ID, and if you have trouble with your name try writing it all in capital letters or the names in different order. The information has to match exactly with that of the bank or you won’t be able to register your card!

Step 4. Congrats – you can now make payments!

You can now find your bank card in the ‘’My Cards’’ tab and are ready to ditch your wallet! With the ‘’Pay’’ option on the first page you can load your personal QR code to make payments nearly anywhere, or use ‘’Scan’’ to make payments online at sites like Alipay will also now be an automatic option for payments within mobile apps like Didi, TaoBao and of course the food delivery apps like!



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