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History & Development

Formerly called Joanna Real Estate and established in Beijing in 1993, JRE is now headquartered in Shanghai. Focused on destination, relocation and asset management services, we have grown consistently throughout the years to become one of China’s leading luxury residential service providers in China. We are headquartered in Shanghai and have 7 key offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Changchun, Qingdao and Suzhou covering over 20 other 2nd and 3rd tier cities and employing more than 350 professionals nationwide.

  • 1993

    — JRE is founded in Beijing by Joanna Tan and provides Housing services to expatriates.

  • 1997

    — JRE starts to serve international companies and provides them with Destination services. Our Destination Services include but do not limit to Pre-move Preparation, Home Search, Lease Negotiation or Tenancy Management. For more information, see Part IV “Our Destination Services”.

  • 2001

    — JRE moves its headquarters from Beijing to Shanghai. This logical move was made to better serve its many expatriate clients living in the fast evolving and attractive Shanghai region.

  • 2002

    — JRE becomes China’s top Destination Service Provider, 9 years after its establishment.

  • 2003

    — JRE opens offices in Suzhou and Tianjin becoming the only company to provide Destination services for expatriates nationwide.
    — JRE introduces the Corporate Guarantee Letter

  • 2004

    — JRE opens offices in Guangzhou and Nanjing to expand and reinforce its China coverage.

  • 2006

    — JRE establishes its own property database.Therefore, we own a truly wide range of housing solutions for expats to make sure we can propose them the best possible matchs with only personalised and relevent property proposals.

  • 2008

    — JRE creates a Customer Relations Department. In response to our clientele growth, this launch helped trace any of our client’s potential issues during the lease and measure the quality of the consultants.

  • 2010

    — JRE opens an office in Changchun.
    — JRE sets up a domestic supply chain team. To always satisfy our growing clientele of expatriates, JRE has to expands its presence and cover wider regions in the aim at meeting everybody’s needs.

  • 2012

    — JRE opens a Quality Control Department made up of expatriates.

    — JRE introduces its own CRM System

    This comprehensive tool developped by our IT department helps us keep track of each clients during the move-in process and tenancy management term.

  • 2013

    — JRE introduces its Relocation Management System, a powerful and innovative technonolgy supporting its Destination Services that include Relocation and Immigration tracking.

    We believe innovation and cutting edg technology are strongly supporting the hard work of our consultants. We will keep on relying on a good combinaison of both to expand and better serve our clients.

  • 2014

    — JRE opens an office in Qingdao.

    Now with 8 physical locations in China, the company can now cover up to 30 cities in mainland China.

  • 2015

    JRE splits the company in three distincts entities, to allocate its exeperienced and well performing consultants appropriately according to each clients:

    — JRE Real Estate operates as China’s luxury residential service provider to deliver Housing Services to our individual and expatriates clients.
    — JRE Mobility operates as China’s Destination Service Provider to deliver Relocation and Immigration Services to our MNCs partners and corporate clients.
    — JRE Asset Management is a powerful and reliable service that help us manage, promote and rent our residential projects around Shanghai to our clients looking to experience a fine yet accessible life stay in the city downtown for short and long term lease.

  • 2016

    JRE launches two innovative apps:

    — JRE Lease Management System gives consultants the ability to access JRE’s internal systems and database thus allowing more flexibility and convenience to work efficiently with our tenants.

    — JRE China is the app we designed for our clients. It is aimed at facilitating their mobile user experience by providing a tailor made and well presented mobile solution they can use anywhere.

    JRE focuses its activities in mobility management for expatriates in order to remain China’s leader in the industry. Our innovative and proactive mindset distinguishes us from other local DSPs.