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China Work Visa updates

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 13:55

New visa and immigration requirements in China are updated quite regularly and sometimes it might seem hard to keep up with them. The newest change comes in the form of the new Foreigner Work Permit system that became nation wide April 1st, replacing the existing alien employment permit and the foreign permit system. The new system unifies the two work permits required before into just one, thus making it easier for foreigners to apply for work in China.

The biggest changes in the new system include that there is no more need for an invitation letter from the sponsoring company, and since half of the previously needed materials are no longer required, foreigners can apply for a visa at Chinese embassies or consulates overseas after obtaining a foreigner work license notice online.

Under the new system, foreigners who want to work in China are classified into three categories: high level talent, professionals and others.
Those falling into the high-level talent category can complete all the application processes online, and are exempt from the need to supply hard copies of required documents.

With the updated regulations, the Chinese work authorization process will now be the following;

1.Foreign employee undertakes medical examination and obtains a health report
2.Sponsoring employer applies for "Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit"in China
3.Foreign employee applies for a single Z visa at the overseas Chinese Consulate in their home country
4.Foreign employee enters China with a single Z visa
5.Foreign employee applies for Work Permit Card in China
6.Foreign employee applies for Residence permit in China