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Best inexpensive spa treatments in the city

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 10:06

Getting spa treatments is very tempting and an excellent way to treat yourself, but sometimes they can get very pricey. Here we have listed some of the best bargain treatments you can find in Shanghai! It is nice to relax beween shoping and house hunting to have little me time.


Massage at Yitong Zudao

A full body massage at Yitong Zudao comes at 78RMB for an hour and begins with serving of tea and watermelon.

Where; 733 Luochuan Zhong Lu, near Gonghexin Lu

Manicure at Flower Fingers

Flower Fingers offers an extensive selection of services that are not too pricey – the manicure comes with a price tag of 49RMB. The salon has a beautiful interior, lovely staff and most importantly, is clean.  For a membership deal, a 1,000RMB credit gets you a quarter off all treatments.

Where; 344 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu

Foot bath at Congzhou Foot Massages

Jingan stalwart Congzhou is a city favorite when it comes to foot massages. Only 50RMB will get your tired feet an hour of vigorous pampering, including a soak in jasmine water, massage and oil rub.

Where; Building 6, 273 Jiaozhou Lu, near Xinzha Lu.


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